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It's time to level up...

Join Business Mastery Global and get ready to ignite your passion, unlock your potential, and take your business to new heights.


August 30, 2024 (1pm-5pm)

Kelvin Grove Club - Cape Town


Join us for an epic 4-hour business event that will leave you feeling inspired, energised, and with systems ready to conquer the world!

  • Dramatically Increase Your Top Line Revenue And Bottom Line In 2023/24

  • Brand New 2023 Global Best Practice For Business. The Old Way No Longer Works

  • Stop Working Nights And Weekends As You Will Learn A New Way

  • Get Paid First Before Anyone Else 

  • Laugh Again As You Build A Sustainable, Successful Business With Mana

  • Get Excited About Possibility Again But This Time Its Real




Within Global Business Mastery We Employ 5 Trademarked Systems, Created From Working With Clients In Masterminds In 50+ Countries

  • The Premium Positioning Formula™ Will Maximise Your Brand value

  • The Scale of Success™ Is An 8 Step Blueprint For Scaling A Business From Inception To 8-Figures

  • The Money Train™ - Recognised By WealthFitUSA As A Highly Simple, Incredibly Effective Marketing System

  • The 4G's™ Is A Life Prioritisation System That Sees You Focussing On Doing The Right Things Every Day

  • The Consumer Universe™ - A current and relevant way to review the buying motives of your customers

Academic Education will tell you business is complex. It's not true. Business is based on the most simple of fundamentals. We will share many of them at Business Mastery Global. If you follow them, you will significantly improve your business and life in 2023.

Mike Handcock

Chairman Circle of Excellence 

3 Speakers + 6 Technologies + Practical Easy Take Aways

Your Investment Will 10X Itself Within 3 Months When You Apply The New Skills Such As: 

  • Unleash Your Creativity:

    Discover how to tap into your inner creativity and bring your ideas to life. Mike Handcock will share tips and techniques for unlocking your creativity and turning your visions into reality.

  • Growth and Expansion:

    Learn how to take your business to the next level and expand your reach to new markets. Mike Handcock will share strategies and tactics for scaling your business, increasing your revenue, and creating a sustainable business model.

  • People, Collaborations & More 

    What is the secret to turning a networking event into a collaboration, a joint venture or a high end client? Mark Trafford will share how to leverage people to grow your sales and why trust is the most under-rated commodity.

  • You are your own worst enemy:

    Most entrepreneurs fail because they spend all their time doing the wrong things right. You will be shown a system that has allowed Mike & Landi to run 5 international companies whilst just taking 3 months off over Christmas.

  • Master the Art of Marketing:

    Learn how to craft a winning marketing strategy that will set your business apart from the competition. Landi Jac will provide you with practical advice and tools to create a powerful brand, build your online presence, and engage with your target audience.

  • Deep Dive Into Your Buyer:

    The consumers universe in 2023 will be unpacked so you understand buyers key behaviours and what they seek in the current marketplace from you.



Mike Handcock

Chairman Circle of Excellence

Internationally Award Winning Entrepreneur & Speaker

4X Amazon #1 Best Seller

succesful entrepreneur

Guest Speaker

Guest Speaker



  • It's not just an another course

  • Business Mastery Global is about bringing together some of the most profound and influential speakers internationally, to enable you to gain insight about the 'latest tools and techniques' in order to navigate business and life post pandemic, cyclone etc. It's a new world out there and what worked in 2020 is now entirely different.

  • This event is not a 'pitch fest'

  • Often when you attend events, there is very little content and lots of selling. Business Mastery Global is not a sales pitch, not only will you gain 5 trademarked technologies but significant new intelligence, packaged together in a 4 hour extravaganza and celebration of our freedom to build the businesses and lifestyles that we (and that means you) want.

  • It is not an outdated, boring course

  • We are using 5 of our trademarked technologies inside the Business Mastery Global. We don't believe in academic corporatised models. All of our blueprints are practical, fun, engaging. It's why certifiers at Education Alliance Finland gave us a 91% for Pedagogical quality (usability).

  • This is NOT a DIY where you will be left to figure it out

  • So many courses simply give you an overview and then expect you to “DIY” it and make your own interpretations to figure it out. It's like learning Chinese in a day with the expectation to ace it. At Business Mastery Global you will get both inspiration and practical A - Z style steps so you can implement immediately.


IS ...

  • The Business Mastery Global Uses Proven Technologies

  • In our August 2022 survey, clients stated that their sales increased on average by 114% over the past 12 months, with 100% of them stating that they increased their market position...during Co-Vid. That would mean your ROI could be in excess of 1000% (or 10X) in 2023-2024. 

  • It's an interactive learning and application experience

  • As a participant you will get to meet other like minds (we attract a certain type) and through that you can create partnerships, perhaps find some clients or even a financier. Expect the speakers to be interactive and if you purchase the VIP package there will be the opportunity to have your personal questions answered.

  • You have direct information on what actually counts

  • The day's program is put together to answer your biggest questions and to show you what is working in 2023. Marketing, Mindset, Scaling, Publishing, Speaking, Relationships and understanding yourself better are at the top of the list, but there will also be a few surprises on the day.

  • The event will see you motivated to reach your goals

  • Let's face it, Entrepreneurship can be lonely. Now you will have a new tribe. They ill be here. Your fellow participants and your hosts will become well known to you. We ALL want you to succeed and we will do the best we can to give you what you need to have a brilliant year. It will be like having a whole team that has your back.


From the Desk of Founder Mike Handcock:

Dear Fellow Entrepreneur,

Back in 2002, I left corporate to become an entrepreneur. I went to Tony Robbins, did Landmark Forum, got an Action Coach and joined BNI. They all had their place, but frankly none of them made much difference at all to my natural skills and life lessons I had had so far. I struggled on. It was lonely, frightening and frankly I considered getting a job again and giving up. I can only imagine after Co-Vid and the cyclone, how many entrepreneurs must feel.

Then in 2003 I found something that made all the difference.... the right people and systems I had never come acrosss.

I learnt over the next few years that having a group of like minds, new and intriguing systems to do things differently and direction from people who 'knew their stuff' that I could access personally made all the difference. I made it and I excelled.

Nothing takes place of the right environment, people, mindset, material, leadership and support to get you where you want to go, but frankly that's premium and not everyone has that sort of $ lying around. But many have the money to get started and learn some really valuable things that have been elusive before.

That's why, for 2023, we created the Business Mastery Global for YOU to EXCEL. It's a way to get connected, solve the big problems in business and it's led by amazing people in the right environment. Honestly, if you can't 1000X your investment then you didn't take onboard anything in this experience. Here is what we put in this just for you. 

  • 5 of our trademarked technologies, including the 2 that our US based partners flew us to San Diego to film specifically for their 400,000 students.

  • Speakers that are current, intriguing, international, experienced and uplifting, with real skill in business and what builds business.

  • The opportunity to connect with the speakers directly and get your questions answered via our VIP offer.

This mandate sets the groundwork for the Business Mastery Global.

In addition to the basics we have added much more in so you can really deep dive if you wish

  • There will be opportunities to get connected and meet up with other participants, find a partner, investor, potential client or a new buddy.

  • You will have the ability to engage any of the speakers if you take on the VIP option

  • Why not set up a personal mastermind group with people you meet on the day and taking topics covered on the day. That way you can accelerate after the event.

We have made it simple to register. There are two options for you. You can come for the cost effective participant pricing, or join the VIP, where you will come in the morning from 9am - 11.30am and be part of a mastermind group with the speakers and our existing inner circle clients. How cool is that!

If all Business Mastery Global did for you was got you thinking again would it be worth it.

Sometimes we wish for the stars but we miss on the fact that the smallest things can make the biggest difference, like meeting someone new or getting one idea that saves you a couple of hours of extra work each week. Your time working ON your business is very precious and you probably don't do enough of it.

  • Imagine if your sales techniques improved just 20% from this event. How much extra that would give you?

  • What if your brand rebuild saw you having to push sales less and the phone ringing more often?

In the end - we have so many simple things that will make up part of this journey together.

One Idea made a client $20 Million

Now of course we can't promise this for you, but often in business it's the small things that count. I simply suggested another way this individuals business could be run. He called me recently and told me the value he now had, on partial sale that he never would have had before. That's why I love why we do and sometimes how simple it can be.

"You can't solve a problem with the same mind that created it" - Einstein

This famous quote really means we all need perspective and imagination and it's hard to get that from yourself. Sometimes you solve your own problems as you are voicing them to others. That won't happen if you are not part of something like this.

My Personal Guarantee is that we will do everything we can to ensure you maximise your success if you become part of the Business Mastery Global. Those of you that know me will know I sincerely mean this.

I believe you will not only gain massive value but you will truly enjoy the experience

Be bold,

Mike Handcock

P.S. We want to make it simple and easy for you. All you need to do to claim your spot is click on the link above and purchase your ticket today.

P.P.S. Grow your network by forming connections and making lifelong bonds with like minded individuals.

P.P.P.S. Grow your intelligence through 5 trademark technologies, work on business solutions and gain global perspective.

P.P.P.P.S. Purchase a VIP ticket and come to the Mastermind before the main event (9am - 11.30am)

Get started on your journey >>



  • Grow your network with potential partners & clients

  • Expand your mind through the latest concepts

  • Gain Global insights of best practice  

  • Learn practical skills you can make $ from today

  • 10X your business with just one good idea

  • Contribute ideas to your new community



Nothing beats a LIVE event. You can watch 2000 webinars and not have the same experience. Our main presenters have worked in over 50 countries live and have won over a dozen awards for speaking and entrepreneurship globally.

In person for that "human" touch.

Instant access...


On the day Mike Handcock & Landi Jac will be sharing 5 trademarked systems on how to position your business better, make money more simply, save valuable time, scaling an existing business safely and fast and understanding your own mindset so that you can capitalise on opportunities.

These Systems Make Money

Get connected...


You will certainly meet like minded individuals, and have time to connect, co collaborate and get to know people just like you. Creating a trusted community is something all good entrepreneurs need and we create one at Business Mastery Global

Life long connections.



For those of you who VALUE something a little more exclusive, then upgrade to our VIP package, which give you access to: The Money Train™ course, exclusive Global Intelligence Update Weekly webinars (worth $500) and a Business Mastermind Session from 9am-12pm on the same day



I guarantee you that all our speakers are dedicated to making your day and year a real success. We will be sharing relevant, practical, current business intelligence and best practice from around the world and handing it over in simple chunked down ways so you can implement and succeed, fast.


Global Director Worldwide Business Intelligence


  • Should I prepare anything for the event?

  • We encourage all attendees to bring an open mind, a journal for notes along with business cards for network purposes - samples are also welcomed.

  • Will I receive an email confirmation, once I have booked?

  • Yes, you will receive an email with a booking confirmation which includes all relevant information with regard to the event. You will also receive a reminder.

  • What are the parking arrangements at the venue?

  • The parking bay is nice a big with car guards roaming. There is also a paid parking option available.    

  • Can I pay by EFT... and I have more questions?

  • For any queries relating to the Business Mastery Global events in Cape Town, South Africa please contact [email protected] You can pay by EFT, but send us an email so we can advise you. We don't hold seats and events are LIMITED SEATING so book online to ensure your seat.

Let's hear out some of the success stories

We have hundreds of testimonials just like these. Let us tell your story next. We want to rave about YOU.

"The most recent talk was packed with high-value, actionable information which I immediately implemented the following day. It worked."

Pamela Wrigglesworth


"Straight to the point, powerful, realistic. They reveal useful and practical insights and tips on how to access success, and they do it well. Highly rated."

Dean McCoubrey

South Africa

"What I didn't understand until I started working with them was the network, the values and the opportunities I would be introduced too."

Kevin Etherington

New Zealand


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